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You may check our regular rate at the LINK below and we will do a follow-up call and email to give you the best-discounted rate ON top of our low rates so you can have your dream wedding and well-deserved parties this year!


All of us want to get hold of a festive atmosphere for our parties, to sing and dance as well as to laugh and have quality moments with dearest friends and loved ones. Although we all have this fondness for parties, there are some headaches that come every time you are delegated to the party host. Most of us would really admit that organizing a party is a tedious activity in addition to financial demands.


You may need a professional photographer. In other instances, perhaps, you may want to have a full video coverage of the event. With all of this, you have to admit that it can cause you some considerable expenses. Further, if you wish to have an extra special event then you may also want to hire musicians and DJ’s. By now, you might be thinking about the expenses. However, you are lucky because Ruby Gold Media can make a cost-effective party possible for you!


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Ruby Gold Media is a firm that is an all-time favorite of party hosts and planners. The reason is that the firm provides for the best services at the lowest rate possible. The firm offers for photography, videography, musician and DJ services. Thus, if you will be hosting a grand event then Ruby Gold Media can be your party partner.




We want you to have the event of your dream while saving you money. We provide volume of events to our local event professionals and so we were able to lock in good rates with them and pass it on to you!


All our experienced local DJs, photographers, videographers and musicians have worked with us throughout the years.  They will get in touch with you once you book your event with us!



Save time by following our easy to use event planning tools that can guide you how to make the most of your party. On our interactive system, we have planning forms, Timeline listing and a Request List where you select the music you like.



We care about what you love, so we will pick the best event professional for your party whether it’s according to style, age , specialties -you name it!



We will make sure you and your event professional have discussed your event details and we will be there to check in if they arrive on time on the day of the event! Yes, we go the extra mile because we LOVE our clients!



Ruby Gold Media will provide you with skilled professionals to take the photographs or the video for the said event. All of us love photographs and watching personal videos, correct? In this case, Ruby Gold Media will be the perfect for the favored services. In addition to that, Ruby Gold Media also hosts the best musicians in town. We have several skilled musicians who can present on your special day. Moreover, our DJ’s are also trained and talented so as to deliver an energetic party atmosphere.


Call Ruby Gold Media today! We offer exemplary services plus we can grant you with large discounts! We will provide all your party services needs at a very reasonable cost. Thinking about a cost-effective party? Call us and let’s work it out!

CALL Ruby Gold Media at 888- 288-4111 or email us at events@rubygoldmedia.com